Having a clean and tidy work environment is proven to boost productivity and staff morale. At CO.GE.DA we offer residential and industrial cleaning services at the highest level. 

We will research and identify the most suitable cleaning solution for your company with an aim to offer a fast and effective service as well as make your business an excellent place to work. 

We can provide standard cleaning services as well as more specific ones such as carpet and window cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, stripping pipes and overhead structures and much more, always using specialist equipment and high quality detergents.

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    Electrical Wiring Systems
    Special Electrical Systems
    Technological systems
    Sanitization and disinfection
    Storage Solutions
    Industrial and residential Cleaning
    Site Manager
    Real Estate consultancy
    Back Office
    Postal Services
    Emergency calls and availability
    Furnishings and fittings
    Reception and Concierge services
    Goods handling, Porterage and Removal Service


    Operational Headquarters
    Viale Sarca 336, 20126  Milan
    Free phone number: 800638999

    COGEDA SRL | Sede legale Viale Sarca  336, 20126 Milano (MI) | P. IVA 03023320967 | Capitale sociale € 100.000,00