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Our firm has extensive experience in providing services management solutions to a wide range of businesses. We will meet our clients’ requirements by constantly monitoring  the  progress of the works, maintaining high quality in the service we provide. Our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest levels of service enables us to meet our clients’ needs in the most effective way

Electrical wiring and technological systems

CO.GE.DA will design and install a wide range of wiring systems such as standard and special electrical systems as well as technological systems.


In order to meet our clients’ individual requirements, we provide our services both directly and as an outsourced solution. Therefore you will be able to manage your facility management, general contractor or systems installation activities both internally or externally. Either way our specialised expertise and technical competence will provide all the support you need. You can count on us to offer a comprehensive and professional service so you can focus on your core business activities.

Electrical Wiring Systems

Power distribution, lighting and earthing systems, electrical substations, main and auxiliary electrical control panels, discharge protection systems, machine-side electrical systems.

Special Electrical Systems

Active and passive security systems: video surveillance, CCTV burglar alarm systems, access control and people detection systems, smoke and gas detectors, fire suppression systems.

Technological systems

Design, installation and management of a range of technological systems including: air-conditioning systems, heating systems, water supply and sanitary systems, special installation systems, insulation and tinsmithery

Sanitization and disinfection

Sanitizing and disinfecting the workplace to neutralise harmful pathogens so that workers and visitors can operate in a safe and healthy environment.

Storage Solutions

CO.GE.DA storage facilities provide cost-effective solutions for warehouse space hire and the storage of goods, office furniture and paper archives.

Industrial and residential Cleaning

Provision of regular cleaning services for office premises and shared spaces using specific machinery and high quality detergents.

Site Manager

The Site Manager oversees the running of the workplace, looking after all the workers and always striving to meet the needs of the business operating at the location.

Real Estate consultancy

Advice on identifying suitable areas and buildings to be used for office space, warehouses and industrial premises. Assessment and surveying reports on new plots of land or buildings.

Emergency calls and availability

CO.GE.DA can provide round the clock emergency support offering a prompt response at all times with a dedicated engineer who will be able to deal with any situation.

Furnishings and fittings

Our technical department, supported by a team of architects, interior designers and lighting designers, will be able to meet all your requirements in the design and layout of your work space.

Reception and Concierge services

We provide specialized reception and concierge services giving your business the best possible first impression.

Back Office

Data entry, storage of digital and paper documents, materials management with relevant porterage services, database organization and management.

Goods handling, Porterage and Removal Services

Handling and transportation of goods with vans and trucks of various sizes along with fork lifts and lifting platforms.

Postal Services

Handling of postal services including envelope stuffing and delivery of parcels and documents.

If the service you require is not listed above please CONTACT US


We have been one of Lombardy’s leading companies in the Facility Management sector for over 20 years. We have extensive experience in providing and managing a wide range of services to businesses with the greatest competence, flexibility and efficiency. 

Our professionalism, dedication and commitment have enabled us to develop a dense network of partners and suppliers who are able to carry out any tasks, even the most specialised ones, in a competent and timely fashion.

Each one of our clients will be able to count on a close-knit team of around one hundred specialised engineers and technicians always working with the highest level of competence and expertise.

CO.GE.DA owns a large stock of equipment and machinery including motor vehicles, electric cars, vans, lifting platforms, forklifts as well as two large industrial warehouses covering a total floor space of 2360sqm in Milan.

Using CO.GE.DA will give you the guarantee of achieving your objectives within set times, with safe and appropriate procedures and with the highest quality of service.



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