Facility Management

Whilst the client focuses on its business, CO.GE.DA takes care of the Facility management process.

Our Facility Management department is at the client’s complete disposal.
As part of our Facility Management service we will oversee the running of buildings and systems. In any eventuality, the Facility Manager will assist the client in identifying the best steps to streamline operations in order to capitalize on its core business.
The Facility Department and specifically the Facility manager will:

  • identify the client’s needs and requirements
  • define a strategic plan in the short , medium and long term
  • draw up budgets
  • set up operational procedures
  • analyse and define maintenance plans
  • optimize the management process
  • manage the client and its suppliers


Electrical Wiring Systems
Special Electrical Systems
Technological systems
Sanitization and disinfection
Storage Solutions
Industrial and residential Cleaning
Site Manager
Real Estate consultancy
Back Office
Postal Services
Emergency calls and availability
Furnishings and fittings
Reception and Concierge services
Goods handling, Porterage and Removal Service


Operational Headquarters
Viale Sarca 336, 20126  Milan 
Free phone number: 800638999

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